10 inch Spun Filter – New


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● Sediment ro filter is normally used in first stage of multi stage water filter system.
● Frequently replacing of spun/sediment filter protects ro membrane and choking of other water filters.
● Polypropylene filter for removal send , salt , dirt and rust particles Impurities removal water filters.
● These are pre filters commonly used to remove dirt, impurities, sediment, rust, slime, sand, grass and grit
● Purerite 5 Micron Sediment , Dirt and Rust Removal . This material meet F.D.A specifications


10 inch Spun Filter

10″ PP Spun Replacement Water Filter Cartridge  For All Ro prefilter for For Kent/Aqua Fresh/Eureka/Whirlpool/Dolphin/Zero B/Luminous

  • RO 10 Inch, 5 Micron PP Spun Filter Cartridge / Candle can be used in any RO Water Pre Filter Outer Bowl.
  • Sediment Ro filter is normally used in the first stage of the multi-stage water filter system. Frequently replacing of spun/sediment filter protects RO membrane and choking of other water filters. Impurities and sediment removal water filters. These are pre-filters commonly used to remove dirt, impurities, sediment, rust, slime, sand, grass, and grit.
  • Suited for common RO water filter Purifiers available in India, Compatible with many RO Brands and Models-Can be used in multiple water purifier Models–Counter Top, Desk Top, Stand Mounted, Wall Hanging, Under Sink, most of the RO Model cabinets.
  • Spun Filter is made of fine melted polypropylene, which is blown and spun in a cylinder-like form. The main function of a sediment filter is to remove large and fine particles from drinking water, such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles. These filters have graded density layers, meaning the outer layers are more porous, catching larger particles, while the inner layers are finer micron-catching smaller particles. Each cartridge is individually shrink-wrapped. These spun filters are
  • High-Quality Filter  Easy To Install
10 inch Spun Filter
10 inch Spun Filter

10 inch Spun filter

To stay healthy and fine you need to drink your water right. Meanwhile, we all know that these days water comes with so many impurities and particles. However, the water that comes into our home is treated many times, yet some smells and suspended particles such as sand, rock, impurities, bacteria come along in the tap water. At this point, the best thing to do is go with a water purifier. you can take RO, UV, or UF depending upon the impurity of your area water. But, what most people do not know is Spun filter is a basic unit of RO, UV filter.

Because it is used for the first stage filtration process. Using a good quality spun filter can make your water taste better and also keep you far away from the disease-causing bacteria in water. So if you want to buy one then go ahead with this one.

What does SPUN filter use for?

Using a SPUN filter will protect your RO membrane. It will extend the life of your water filter. Moreover, it will help in removing dirt, dust, sand, odor, particles, etc from the water. If you will invest in these spun filters then you can save a lot of money which a technician will ask you for the servicing. If you will have these spun filters spare at your home then you can change them by yourself in some easy steps. So if you want to keep your filter new and drink good water too then invest in a good quality spun filter.

At this site, you get this filter accessory from the starting range of a very low price. The quality is not compromised by the cheap price. Besides, this can be the best deal for you. Read below to know the description regarding the material and dimensions of the product.

Product material and dimensions

A good quality Spun filter at a cheap price starting from only 121. It is made with a pure polypropylene filter for removing unwanted particles from water. The product meets the standards of the FDA and hence you will get the best at this place.

It is a 10 inch Spun filter/candle used in RO/ pre or outer filter bowl. It is compatible with all filters and RO that support 10 inches pre-filter.

By using a spun filter you can save a lot of expense and damage which harmful particles can do to your filter.

Guide to use the Spun filter

Firstly you need to know that changing your spun filter every 3 months is a must. It is because in 3 months a lot of dirt gets built up which requires to get cleaned from time to time. If you want to change your spun filter at home then follow the instructions below. This simple guide will help you to change your filter by yourself.

  1. Firstly turn if the valve of your filter and take out the pipes connecting in the outer filter cartilage.
  2. Drain the water from the water cartilage.
  3. Now you can take the outer filter or filter cartilage and turn its top anti-clockwise to open it up.
  4. Before putting the spun filter in the cartilage make sure to clean it well.
  5. Then place the spun filter and turn the upper top clockwise. Place the pipes at their places and hang the outer unit of your RO.
  6. Turn on the valve and you are good to go.


•10-inch good quality spun filter. • removes dirt, dust, sand, odor from the water. • excellent quality at a cheap price. • pure polypropylene is used hence no compromise with the excellence. • keeps the guidelines of FDA satisfied hence it is a nature-friendly safe product.

10 inch Spun Filter

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