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big filter housing 20 inch for ro water purifier

big filter housing 20 inch Big filter housing 20 inches for RO water purifier For heavy flow applications big blue

Digital LCD TDS Meter Waterfilter Tester for measuring TDS3 / TEMP / PPM New

● This is a digital TDS meter tester for testing the purity of water , Micron Rating: 0.3, Filter Material: Polypropylene (PP) ● This item can be used in water purifiers and filters, food (vegetable, fruits) drink quality monitoring, pools, spas, aquariums and hydroponic ● The product comes with Hold Function and a Built-in digital thermometer for temperature measurement ● Includes a carrying case ● Material: Plastic

filter cartridge 9″ Pre Filter – New

filter cartridge 9″ Water filter cartridge 9″ prefilter cartridge for ro /Aquaguard – Threaded Type Models.Threaded Filter RO-Pre Filter Aqua

For Kent Replacement Solenoid Valves For Domestic Ro System

● High Quality Solenoid valve. ● Easily replaceable by anybody with or without experience. ● Compatible with all and any model of all domestic water purifiers

For Oppo A53 / A33 Back Cover -Black

Oppo A53 Back Cover Black Oppo A33 Back Cover Black

For Poco X3 Back Cover – Black

For Poco X3 Back Cover - Black