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Diabetes – know these warning signs!

Diabetes: know these warning signs! With the changing lifestyles and habits, people are more prone to diseases. Meanwhile, these days it is very common to see that even the young ones are dealing with diabetes and heart issues. The problem in our generation is we only believe in the things that we hear from others.

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Coronavirus - Disease is Infectious

Coronavirus – Disease is Infectious

Coronavirus Millions of people are dying from corona or covid-19. Corona is a disease that occurs from a newly found coronavirus. Corona disease is infectious. Furthermore, the meaning of the covid-19 stands for ‘CO’ for covid, ‘VI’ for virus whereas ‘D’ for disease. However, numerics show its found year. It is found in Wuhan, China.

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Yoga rejuvenation for your whole body.

Yoga: rejuvenation for your whole body.

Yoga: rejuvenation for your whole body. Yoga Yoga is a therapeutic practice that is proven to rejuvenate your whole body. Besides, it heals you inside out. From treating mental health issues to getting rid of many diseases yoga the best therapy you can do. However, it provides a whole lot of benefits for the human

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