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6 Pieces RO Outer Pre Filter Straight Connector 1/4″ Size Tube(Small Size Pipe) x 1/4″ Male Thread(Normal Size)

● 6 Pcs RO Straight Connector (1/4" Tube - 1/4 Male Thread)- Ideal for Fitment with RO Prefilter and Inline Filters like Sediment,Carbon,Post Carbon.....Best 1/4" Size RO Male Elbow Connector for RO Filter... ● Suited/Compatible for RO all Model which uses 1/4" Size - Small size RO Tube....... Also Suited for Aquarium Tank or Pet Water Tanks or any Liquid Tanks where inlet and outlet flow is required. ● Specification-Color - White.... Type - Push Fit ...Size - 1/4" Tube QC Fit x 1/4" Male Thread for Connecting to RO Pre Filter or Outside Filter or Inline Filter Units...... Material - Imported Plastic...... ● Pack Contains : - 6 Pcs of 1/4" Size RO Straight Connector - 1/4" Male Thread Suited for RO model which uses 1/4" Size Tube...