For Aquaguard Ro Sensa Tap – 15mm Diameter – New


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  • For Aquaguard
  • 100% Superior Quality Product
  • Food Grade Plastic
  • Sensa Tap For Protect
  • For Springfresh
  • For Ro+UV Models
  • Comes in 15mm Diameter
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RO Sensa Tap For Aquaguard

RO Water Purifier Tap for water purifiers, RO & UV Systems.100% Superior Quality Product.Food Grade Plastic

RO Sensa Tap

White classy RO sensa tap is worth buying with multiple benefits. Tap is made according to the standard level of manufacturing. Also, it is suitable for all RO and UV purifiers. As it is manufactured according to the customer’s need, thus, the tap can be fit in various models. For example, stand-mounted, wall-mounted, on the counter, on the desktop, and so on. Indian company manufactures the tap at a very light in weight just 100 grams. Also, it comes with a 15mm diameter. Sensa tap made from good plastic called food-grade plastic. Food-grade plastic consists of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Which is considered to be the best plastic and absorbs less moisture. Hence, Less moisture means fewer Bacteria. So, you will get a good tap with a water-controlling feature.

This White tap will control the flow of water. If you want to refill a glass you just have to quickly flick on the lever. Whereas, for filling bottles or something just press on the lever and leave. Therefore, it releases the water without keeping your hand busy. Likewise, after filling the bottle you need to press the lever on the opposite side. Moreover, the tap is simple to use for adults as well as for kids. Above all, you don’t have to empty your pocket to buy the tap. You will get it at a reasonable price.

Know more about the RO sensa tap

As above mentioned are the details about the product. But before buying let’s know the features of demanding tap.

A most demanding tap of the time

Yes! Sensa tap is the most demanding tap in India. Because it’s easy to use for everyone. Moreover, it looks classy and elegant. In just one push it will refill your empty glass. As mentioned above, you just have to push for water flow and again push on the opposite side to stop the flow.

Safe-grade plastic

No doubt! Tap is made from safe-grade plastic. Safe grade plastics are approved by the FDA. In simple words, your purifier’s water will remain the same in taste. Above all, it can bear high and low water temperatures.

Suitable for RO and UV water purifier

Tap is suitable for all kinds of RO and water purifiers. Moreover, you do not have to call a mechanic for fitting the tap into RO or UV purifier. You can do it by yourself.

Standard size for standardization

The tap isn’t so small or so big. There will be no problem in fitting the tap to any size of RO and UV water purifier. The tap is standard in its size.

User-friendly design

Tap has a user-friendly design. It is 15mm in diameter and weighs only 100 grams. Light in weight and bright in benefits.

Sensa tap is useful for

Shiny taps are useful for tea dispensers, plastic water dispensers, glasses dispensers, and so on.

Directions to install RO sensa tap

Firstly, stick the tap on the exterior and adjust the interior washer. Then fix it with nuts. Focus on not using hard equipment while fixing it on the glass. Because it may break the glass and the company will not be responsible for it. Do fix the nuts and washer correctly so that it will not leak. Later, test it with water. For cleaning and keeping the shine of the tap, avoid hard scrubs. Wash it with soft scrub.

Package content:- 1 plastic tap, 1 plastic but, washer, and 1 nozzle enclosure.

Bottom line
This RO sensa tap is worth buying with multiple advantages. Moreover, manufacturers have manufactured it to provide ease to their customers.

Tap For Eureka Forbes Aquaguard , Protect, springfresh, sensa, aquasure Ro+UV Models (15mm Diameter) – New

Aquaguard Sensa Tap

Aquaguard Sensa Tap

  • For Aquaguard RO Sensa Tap
  • 100% Superior Quality Product
  • Food Grade Plastic
  • Applicable for Protect, springfresh, sensa, aquasure Ro+UV Models
  • Comes in 15mm Diameter

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