Manual TDS Controller for 1/4″ – New


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● TDS Controller/adjuster for 1/4″ tube
● Material: Plastic, White Color
● Suitable for all kinds of Domestic Water Purifiers
● TDS Controller/ Adjuster


Manual TDS Controller

  • Input 1/4 Inch to Output 1/4 Inch TDS (Total dissolved solids) Controller Valve /adjuster Controller for RO Water Purifier
  • Tee Connector Valve For TDS (Total dissolved solids) Control Valve 1/4″ Size for TDS Adjustment and related
  • Ro Wire Tube Suited for common RO water filter Purifiers available in India,
  • This Valve / TDS Controller can be used in many RO Models of Different Brands
  • The RO TDS Adjuster Switch / Valve is Push fitting mechanism , This Spare part is a TDS (Total dissolved solids) Controller for all ro Model Like Dolphin ,Kent and all other RO models.
  • The TDS controller maintains essential natural minerals.
  • By use of TDS Controller / TDS Valve the TDS (Total dissolved solids) readings of water can be decreased or increased or by using This .


Manual TDS Controller
Manual TDS Controller

Manual TDS Controller

What is a TDS Controller?
A Device to control the TDS ( Total dissolved solids ) of water.

Unlike the filters, cartridges, and membrane(s),

Manual TDS Controller

  • RO TDS ( Total dissolved solids ) Controller Valve is Used for TDS Adjustment of Water , This Valve used in  many RO models of different Brands like Models -Counter Top,Stand Mounted , Desk Top,Wall Hanging,Under Sink, This TDS Adjuster Switch used in  most of the RO Model cabinets.
  • Description: This TDS Controller Maintains the natural Minerals of RO Water.
  • TDS Reading can be increased or decreased With Manual TDS Screw Adjustment of The Top to Output RO Water.
  • Type Quick Connect Fittings – Suitable for most of the water system reverse osmosis.
  • Installation : One of the Tee Connector to be connected to Output RO Water from Membrane (T1). The Second Tee are often connected to Output Water from UF Filter or UV Filter or Carbon Filter (T2). As per the Manual Screw Adjustment This TDS (Total dissolved solids) Adjuster Valve  mixes T1 and T2 in proportion .

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