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RO Flow Restrictor 450 Flow-(FR-450) With Nice and Quick in–Built Fitting ¼ Inch Piping


● FR Flow restrictors are required for all reverse osmosis systems This is also known as Capillaries or Flow Controls.
● It is recommended that the flow restrictor is replaced each time an RO membrane is replaced in order to keep your system working at optimum performance, as scale build-up can occur and clog the capillaries
● FR is made by food grade plastic only, Enough strong to pressure membrane waste and smooth to save RO membrane from blockage
● This 450 Fr RO Flow Restrictor Compatible with mostly all the RO Membranes, fitted to common RO filter Purifiers, Compatible with many Models of Different RO Brands Can be utilized in multiple water purifier Models such as Desk Top, Counter Top, Wall Hanging, Stand Mounted, Under Sink, most of the RO Model cabinets.
● If there is a blockage in the Flow restrictor FR, then water from RO Machine will slow down and require troubleshooting. This Flow restrictor is easy to install. Just push your 1/4″ poly tube Pipe firmly into the quick connect fittings located on both the inlet and outlet ends and you are done.



RO Flow Restrictor 450

RO Flow Restrictor 450 flow-(FR-450)

  • Flow Restrictor-(FR) RO systems restrict the flow of concentrate to optimize the water economy.
  • Ensures adequate backpressure for optimum pressure of membrane.
  • Ensures the RO membrane doesn’t get prematurely fouled by dissolved minerals.

KRPLUS Flow Restrictor 450 (FR-450) With Quick In–Built Fitting Connector For All RO Water Purifier ¼ Inch Piping. (Pack Of 3) Solid Filter Cartridge Price in India - Buy KRPLUS Flow Restrictor

  • Flow Restrictors generate pressure in the reverse osmosis membrane element and provide an adequate ratio of reject flow and product flow.
  • The number on the flow restrictor indicates the flow rate, in milliliters per minute. This is a 450mL Flow Restrictor.
  • Flow restrictors are easy to install. They are inserted into the 1/4″ Drain Line Tubing. Buy some here.
  • We also have a store on Amazon as trusted sellers, you can also buy the same product here.
  • we provide a full 100% guarantee for optimum customer experience.

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