Wire Caps Crimp Splice Terminals Connectors


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Wire Caps

RO plastic wire caps closed-end crimp splice terminals connectors electrical wire cable terminal connectors.

Premium quality water purifier accessory. These caps are much needed to avoid any kind of shock and leakage problems. You can easily use them for connecting wires and also sealing the wire which may risk giving any kind of sudden shock. Meanwhile, the wire caps are ideal for the joining of two or more wire end easily. The material is made up of thick good quality plastic that does not get a break or melted due to any change in temperature and current. Moreover, they are free from any kind of decay. It will make your connections easy and safe. They should be used in kitchens because naked wires must need to get covered up properly. It is an insulated high-quality material so you will not have any complaints in the future.

Wire Caps Crimp Splice Terminals Connectors
Wire Caps Crimp Splice Terminals Connectors


Good quality at a low price

These RO plastic wire closed end caps are of the best quality and at a very low price. Moreover, you will never have any kind of complaint about the product. These are easy to use. The durability will also last for years. So this can be a great idea to invest in these and save your money.

Recyclable plastic

Everybody knows how much clutter and pollution plastic creates. Meanwhile, if you want to give a little part of yourself to nature then invest in recyclable products. The best part of these wore caps is they are recyclable and reusable. They don’t do any harm to mother earth and our nature.

Useful for all kind of RO and UV water purifier

These caps can be used with all kinds of RO and UV water purifiers. Moreover, you can use these with all companies of water purifiers they are compatible with all.


Not only in water purifiers and kitchen appliances these wire caps are multifunctional. You can also use them in offices and homes. Can be also used in school projects. They are highly functional in all areas of your day-to-day life. Not only this but these can also be used in car accessories.

How to use RO plastic wire caps.

Twist the wires and place them in the pigtails of the wire cap.
Make sure to add them nicely so that it does not hang out.
Once you are done, it is ready to use.

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