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Sensa Tap

A high-quality water filter tap for all RO and UV purifiers. Hence, The tap suitable for common water filter purifiers available in India and are compatible with maybe brands and models. Moreover, the tap can be used in multiple purifier models such as Counter Top, Desk Top, Stand Mounted, Wall Mounted, and many more. Made from food-safe plastics. Easily controls the flow of water, All it takes is a quick flick of the lever handle for an easy drink refill. For Autoflow just push or press the lever and it will release the water by itself. Similarly, to stop the flow just push the lever opposite side. Additionally, it is easy to use and available at a reasonable price.

Ro Sensa Tap
Ro Sensa Tap


High-Quality product

It is not just spare but real and supreme quality. Moreover, You won’t face any kind of problem with its manufacturing standard. Every single piece is excellent and value for money
Food Grade material
The material of the tap is safe and secure. Whereas, it doesn’t stink or change the taste of your water. And can bear high and low water temperatures.
Useful for all kind of RO and UV water purifier
You can use it with the majority of the brands and models where it will easily fit with your purifiers. Similarly, no need to learn a mechanical book just to add it with the purifier.
Press/Pull to take water
It releases water after you pull or press the lever. Also, The tap works in both directions for users to convince.
Available in Standard Size
Commonly in India, this is the standard size for many types of purifiers. So, there’s nothing to worry about the fitting or size.

Sensa Tap

Ro Sensa Tap
Ro Sensa Tap

How to Install Ro Sensa Tap
Installation and Tips

  • Stick in TAP with the outer washer on the exterior, Adjustable interior washer, and tighten with nut.
  • When installing in material like glass, do not screw the nut too tightly as it could crack your glass.
  • To prevent leakage make sure your nut and washer are right enough.
  • After you are done with all the adjustments test it with some water.
  • To avoid scratches use a non-abrasive cleaner or sponge while cleaning the exterior of the tap.

Package content:- 1 Plastic Tap, 1 Nozzle Encloser, 1 Plastic but, Washer.
Use the Sensa tap spare with
• Several glasses mason jar beverage dispensers • Tea dispenser • Plastic water dispensers • stainless steel water dispensers • insulated beverage dispenser
Our motto is to satisfy our buyers with our quality products by making their life easy and comfortable.



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