Solo Travelers

Solo Hitchhiking Tips.

To do this kind of journey you should reach the road at 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning and start your journey
This will give you more time to travel throughout the day and also provide enough time to find a place for a camping tent in the evening
If you keep a helmet on your head while traveling, it will be easy to get a lift from a two-wheeler.

While traveling, you can take advantage of many properties available in the public domain which are not normally known to people.
Many people ask me when you are traveling, how do you take bath, where do you take a rest and where do you charge your mobile, etc.

The simple answer is that everything happens automatically when you are traveling but if it is explained in more detail then many properties on the road are free for you and as long as you don’t get some stuff from them. You don’t need to pay any money to buy

Like water and bathroom facilities are available free of cost at the petrol pump.
Similarly, you can sit and relax in any Dhaba hotel or restaurant and you do not need to pay any money for this.

There you can charge your mobile
You can use the bathroom and if you feel like sleeping then take asleep on the cot placed on the Dhaba and after that start your journey again

Similarly, you can charge your power bank and mobile even if you get a lift in a truck or four-wheeler.
You can also relax in the rest house on the highway or the green park and garden on the roadside.

If you are feeling a bit too much then you can buy 2 samosas and rest for two hours anywhere.
No one will forbid you to fill your bottle with water and you can easily save Rs/- 20 on water.

Try that you stay on the path of the national highway so that you will know that you are on the right track, if someone tells you that this road will reach you soon, then you can think about it by guessing the situation.

To whom the lifter is talking on the phone, it is necessary to check his gestures and his emotions from time to time.
So that if any wrong feeling thoughts come into his mind, then you will know in advance.
This has never happened to me in my travels across India

But you can adopt some measures to avoid such a situation.
For example, in front of the person giving the lift, you can fake talk on the phone and say that where I am going I am going to meet four people, those people are just a little ahead.
In this way, no wrong idea will come to that person’s mind.

There are many other types of psychological measures, by adopting which you can make the person feel that you are not in a weak position at this time, but you have a sufficient amount of power available and if he thinks something wrong then he will be at his own loss.

To get psychological victory over the mind of an unknown person, you just have to choose the right words.
And let them know without asking them that you’re not an ordinary person they can think wrong about

All the actions of a person arising from his mind.
If you conquer his mind, he won’t be able to think anything wrong
While taking the lift, you should explain to them well in advance that you are taking the lift and you do not have any money.

Always track your GPS location via the internet available on your phone
Have a nice chat with the person providing the lift so that they can also arrange for your next lift and may be able to help you in some other way

Always remember one thing it is no good or bad in this world…… The whole game is about mood
Talk to all the people with love and respect all and then see how the whole world will take to make your journey successful.

Instead of using the phone during travel, you can use the phone while charging and resting at the Dhaba
You can also take water from the Dhaba and relax

I do this often and you don’t need to pay any money for it
You don’t need to pay any money as long as you don’t buy something from the Dhaba but you have to talk with the most love, remember this

Your way of talking and personality should be such that just by talking, the person in front will be hypnotized and maybe give you food as well as water and other help

This happened to me many times this happened many times
That’s why I understand the importance of personality during the journey…..and the art of hypnotizing the person in front should also be there.

Man is the only creature in the whole creation, by praising him, you can get him to do anything.
But you should not have any wrong motive behind such hypnosis.

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