Water TDS Meter Tester – New


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  • High Accuracy Titanium Alloy.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0 ~60.Working temperature: 0 ~50.
  • Meter Can Hold function. For convenient reading and recording, the meter saves measurements.
  • Turn off Auto-function: Turns off meter non-use to conserve batteries.
  • Measurement ranges from 0-9990 ppm.



Water TDS Meter Tester

We should know what are we drinking. Therefore, This is an ideal, and multi-beneficial Water TDS Meter that is useful for anyone. Highly effective and accurate due to its smart microprocessor technology. Whereas, the meter will shut off by itself after 10 minutes of non-use. It is available at a valid price. Moreover, the majority of users buy it for commercial and personal use. This digital device shows instant results and will check your overall water quality which provides you accurate information. Just push the button, the TDS meter will tell you altogether purity of the water. This handy gadget delivers 0 to 9999 ppm range which is a favorable advantage for consumers. The quick display can tell you whether the water is drinkable (less than 40ppm) or if it is greater than >40ppm.

Prominent Advantage

• Effective and accurate water quality tester due to its advanced technology
• 1000+ hours of continuous and long term usage
• LCD screen and clear display that is easy to use
• Automatic shut off function to conserve battery
• Fast and quick results that save your time
• Easy and convenient to use for everyone.


Standard Scale

Once the meter is on, it will start taking temperature measurements. The temperature system can be used at any time and anywhere, in or out of the liquid. It has a temperature button just press it and the display will switch to temperature mode that shows water temperature in Celsius.

Flexibility to move where you need
The meter is available in standard size which is enough handy to keep in the pocket or easily slip into your travel bag. You will also get cover with this pen that protects it.
Multifunctional tool
The effective Water meter for measuring TDS3/TEPM/PPM. Moreover, it also helps in testing the temperature of the water. You can use it at home or office, for aquariums, swimming pools, rivers, wells, stored water, and other freshwater sources.

Directions (How to use it ( Water TDS Meter tester)

Water TDS Meter Tester

This easy and simple tool, you can use without having any trouble. So, there are some steps to explain or guide you for better understanding.
– Remove the cap
– Turn on the TDS meter
– Immense the meter into the water, up to the maximum immersion level.
– Gently shake the meter to dislodge any air bubbles.
– Wait for 10 seconds to stabilize the reading.
– Press the hold button and keep it out from the water to view the reading

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Water TDS Meter Tester
Water TDS Meter Tester


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252 grams


1 Pc., 2 Pcs., 5 Pcs., 10 Pcs., 25 Pcs., 50 Pcs., 100 Pcs.


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