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Water Purifiers Accessories at wholesale price.

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– Unbreakable Plastic Mickey Shaped Kids/snack Serving Plate

  • Natural health can be used in microwave oven heating. 
  • The hardness and thickness of mterial, better than the quality of traditional plastics, solid fall. 
  • In the daily life to add more fun an interesting gift to entertain children, portable, suitable for any occasion. 
  • Easy to clean and store, colorful daily material, distributed natural taste, a little bit of aroma. 
  • Does not contain bisphenol A, also does not contain any harmful substances for food related.

1 Pc RO Elbows Stem Branch Tee Connector (1/4″ Tube OD x 1/4″ Tube OD x 1/4″ Stem Thread OD)

● 1 Pcs of RO Stem Branch Tee Connector Suited for all type of RO Models….. (1/4" Tube OD x 1/4" Tube OD x 1/4" ● lso Suited for Aquarium Tank or Pet Water Tanks or any Liquid Tanks where inlet and outlet flow is required. ● Easy To Install and Replace and can be Installed by yourself with little knowlegde about the product, no need for Expensive Expert Technician or Ro Engineers.

1 Pcs 1/4″ Pipe Female Direct Valve,1 Pcs 1/4″ Brass Steel Inlet and 2 Pcs 1/4″ Pre Filter Straight Connector

● Combo Set for parts of Water purifier ● 1 Pcs 1/4" Pipe Female Direct Valve( For Small RO Pipe) ● 1 Pcs 1/4" Brass Steel Inlet,Connector of Water purifier with Main Water Line ● 2 Pcs 1/4" Pre filter straight Connector(Pre-Housing straight connector for Small Ro Pipe)

1 Pcs RO Female Direct Valve Straight Connector – 1/2″ Female Thread X 1/4 Inch RO Tube + Teflon Tape.

1 Pcs RO Female Direct Valve Straight Connector – 1/2″ Female Thread X 1/4 Inch RO Tube Teflon Tape.

1 Pcs RO Low Pressure Switch (LPS) LP Switch for All Kinds of RO System;Any RO Model LPS

●  RO LOW Pressure Switch (LPS) LP Switch For All kinds of RO System Suited for common RO water filter Purifiers available in India,Compatible with many RO Brands and Models-Can be used in multiple water purifier Models–Counter Top,Desk Top,Stand Mounted,Wall Hanging,Under Sink,most of the RO Model cabinets.
● Save RO motor from Dry Run (Motor Run Without Water).If RO Unit is Switched on without water in over head tank, this switch will act and turn off the power supply to Motor thus saving the Unit.....
● Pack Contains-1 Pcs of Low Pressure Switch suited for all kinds of RO Units.

1 Pieces 8-Inch Uv Barrel Chamber for Ro Water Purifier (White)

● High Quality UV Barrel ● Filtration Stages - 1 ● Compatible with all type of domestic water purifiers ● In The Box - 1 UV Barrel/Chamber 2 Elbow

1 Pieces Ro 1/4″ Quick Fitting 1/4″ BSP Female Thread Plastic Ball Valve RO Water Reverse Osmosis

● Easy to use flexible to move, leaking proof to connect in water purifier
● High Quality Female Thread Plastic Ball Valve
● Compatible with all type of domestic water purifiers

1 Pieces RO Both Side Push 1/4″ Plastic RO Manual Flush Valve Switch for RO Process-Any RO Model

● 1 Pcs RO Plastic Manual On/Off Type Flush Valve for RO water- High Quality Plastic Valve for 1/4" RO Tube Quick Connect Fit. ● Flush Valve which can be placed between membrane reject port and the flow restrictor Tube (FR) enhances life of RO Membrane. ● Valve Size - 1/4" x 1/4" Tube Quick Connect Type - Can be connected to 1/4" Tube on both ends. Plastic On/Off Valve. ● Contains : - 1 Pcs of RO Plastic Ball Valve Manual On-Off Valve for 1/4" x 1/4" Quick Connect as Shown in Pic.


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