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RO Flow Restrictor 450 Flow-(FR-450) With Quick in–Built Fitting ¼ Inch Piping

● Flow restrictor-(FR) purpose flow restrictors (also known as Flow Controls or Capillaries) are required for all reverse osmosis systems ● It is recommended that the flow restrictor is replaced each time an RO membrane is replaced in order to keep your system working at optimum performance, as scale build-up can occur and clog the capillaries ● FR is made by food grade plastic only, Enogh strong to pressure membrane waste and smooth to save RO membrane from blockage ● RO Flow Restrictor 450 ML Compatible with all the RO Membranes,Suited for common RO water filter Purifiers available in India,Compatible with many RO Brands and Models-Can be used in multiple water purifier Models-Counter Top,Desk Top,Stand Mounted,Wall Hanging,Under Sink,most of the RO Model cabinets. ● If there is a block in the FR,then water from RO Machine will slow down and require troubleshooting.Flow restrictors are easy to install.Simply push your 1/4″ poly tube firmly into the quick connect fittings located on both the inlet and outlet ends and you are done.

RO Flow Restrictor 450 ml 1/4 Inches (6 mm)

● RO Flow Restrictor 450 ml ● Comes with in-built 1/4" (6 mm) quick fit connector for RO water purifiers ● Material: plastic