Realme C11 Tempered Glass


  • COMPATIBILITY : Fits only with Realme C11/C12/C15
  • Highly durable, and scratch resistant – surface hardness 9H
  • Bubble proof, Scratch resistant, Anti fingerprint, Anti-glare, Anti-shatter, Touch sensitive
  • Ultra-clear High Definition with 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience
  • Full Screen Coverage (except Edges)

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Our glass Provides super high definition clarity. Rounded Edge Designed to provide the smooth and naked device screen experience as well as improved chip-resistance. Oleophobic Coating Prevents excessive fingerprinting and oil stains, and makes the film easy to clean. Silicone Bubble-free Adhesive Adheres to the phone’s screen without any gaps or bubbles, leaving the touch sensitivity unaffected.


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