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After so many deaths and hassle, our scientists and Doctors are able to find a vaccine for Coronavirus. Only a few countries have their vaccine and others import it from them(Countries that have vaccines). Furthermore, WHO is also allowing these doses for Covid-19 patients. Currently, the vaccination cycle is in its process. For this everyone needs to get two injections (vaccine).
If you have had your 1st injection of the Corona Vaccine or are you preparing to have it, then you need to know the answers to these commonly asked questions.

vaccine for Coronavirus

First of all, it crucial to have both the doses, and the true answer to this question is NO. First vaccination of the vaccine will not be able to protect you from Covid-19. Both doses are important for those individuals who want to save themself from the virus. The vaccine will only protect you with full potential when you will have both doses. So, make sure you get your both dose.

Will the first dose of the vaccine protect you from the coronavirus?

first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine

Simply, there should be at least 4 weeks gap between both vaccines. 4 weeks after the first vaccine, but it just depends on the vaccine. Every vaccine has its period, merely, while you will have your dose then you can ask the examiner or the doctor about your second dose schedule.

After How many weeks should the 2nd vaccine be conducted?

After How many weeks Coronavirus 2 dose of vaccine

The direct answer is YES, it is very important to get both doses of the vaccine from the same company. If you had the first one then it vital to get the second one from the same company. Whereas, this information teams with the health concerns and professionals who vaccinate, so it would be great for you if you confirm it by your side.

Is it important to have both the vaccine of the same company?

Coronavirus vaccine vaccine of the same company

The vaccine will start its work after 14 to 15 days with full potential. Whereas it is not clear yet that now the covid-19 virus will not be to infect you. So, this is the concern between people. Hence, some experts say after vaccinated people don’t need to worry about infection for 2 to 3 months but some won’t agree with this. However, some mixed statements are going around therefore, it hard to believe any one of them because of different thoughts.

After both injections, will I be completely protected from the Coronavirus?

complete protection from the Coronavirus

The direct answer is YES, as you read above that there is no strong evidence or statement about getting an infection. So, it is better to protect you and your family from covid-19 even after vaccinated. And also follow all Covid precautions given by WHO for e.g washing hands, 6 ft gap, mask, and sanitizer. Whereas, after the second wave of corona it is completely transparent that many people get infected even after both the vaccine.

Is it crucial to wear a mask even after having the vaccine?

After the corona vaccination, Many people got different symptoms. But some common symptoms show between people. Pain, swelling or redness, fever, headache, sour throat, weakness, and joint pain or body pain. These are the common side effects of vaccines that will fix within few days.

What are the common symptoms after having a vaccine?

common symptoms after having a vaccine

Generally, people apply an ice bag on their pain area after getting any kind of medical injection to get relief. But many experts or doctors won’t allow people to use ice on the painful area after the corona vaccine. Doctors may also prescribe paracetamol for fever and pain. Whereas, try to stay hydrated. Hence, if you do not get better after 7-8 days, then concerned or with the doctor.

What to do or not to do after corona vaccination?

What to do or not to do after vaccination

The vaccines for COVID-19 are safe for adults who are 18 or older. Also, for those with pre-existing conditions of any kind, including autoimmune disorders.

Who should get vaccinated?

Who should get vaccinated

These conditions involve:-
– hypertension
– Asthma
– Kidney and Liver disease
– Chronic infections
– Pulmonary
– Diabetes
Some points for those who are going to have their first or second corona vaccination:-
Stay at the same place where you get vaccinated for at least 15 to 16 minutes. Just in case you have a momentous reaction, so health workers or doctors will help you.

Check your second dose schedule on an online platform or do ask your care provider, that you need to get a second dose or when you have to get it. Even after you are vaccinated, keep taking precautions.

Whereas, if you are going to travel abroad soon. Then no worry you can find vaccination necessities, travel dangers, and precautions for your country of destination on international travel and any health website. But it is your responsibility to take some essential things with you for e.g mask, sanitizer, hand gloves, or face shield for better protection.

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