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10 inch Spun Filter – New

● Sediment ro filter is normally used in first stage of multi stage water filter system. ● Frequently replacing of spun/sediment filter protects ro membrane and choking of other water filters. ● Polypropylene filter for removal send , salt , dirt and rust particles Impurities removal water filters. ● These are pre filters commonly used to remove dirt, impurities, sediment, rust, slime, sand, grass and grit ● Purerite 5 Micron Sediment , Dirt and Rust Removal . This material meet F.D.A specifications

20 inch Filter Set (PP Spun, Granular Activated Carbon GAC, Block CTO)

● 20 inch Filter Set ● PP Spun Granular Activated Carbon GAC Carbon Block CTO ● RO and other water purifiers up to 50 LPH and 100LPH

4 Pieces RO Female Direct Valve Straight Connector – 1/2″ Female Thread X 1/4″ Inch RO Tube

● 4 Pcs of Aquarium or RO Female Straight Connector as Shown in the Photo. ● Size – 1/2 Inch Female Thread X 1/4 Inch RO Tube. ● Pack Contains :-4 Pcs RO Female Direct Valve Straight Connector – 1/2″ Female Thread X 1/4 Inch RO Big Size Tube Water Flow is required.

6 Pieces RO Outer Pre Filter Straight Connector 1/4″ Size Tube(Small Size Pipe) x 1/4″ Male Thread(Normal Size)

● 6 Pcs RO Straight Connector (1/4" Tube - 1/4 Male Thread)- Ideal for Fitment with RO Prefilter and Inline Filters like Sediment,Carbon,Post Carbon.....Best 1/4" Size RO Male Elbow Connector for RO Filter... ● Suited/Compatible for RO all Model which uses 1/4" Size - Small size RO Tube....... Also Suited for Aquarium Tank or Pet Water Tanks or any Liquid Tanks where inlet and outlet flow is required. ● Specification-Color - White.... Type - Push Fit ...Size - 1/4" Tube QC Fit x 1/4" Male Thread for Connecting to RO Pre Filter or Outside Filter or Inline Filter Units...... Material - Imported Plastic...... ● Pack Contains : - 6 Pcs of 1/4" Size RO Straight Connector - 1/4" Male Thread Suited for RO model which uses 1/4" Size Tube...

75 GPD Vontron Membrane Filter + fr 450 Suitable for all Brand Ro

● Suitable for all brands of Domestic RO Systems Using Standard Size Membrane Housing (like Aquafresh,Aquaguard,Aquagrand,Reviva,etc.) ● Remove the bacteria, metal and other harmful substance from drinking water. ● Purifies Water up-to 0.0001 Micron of Precision. ● Made-up of food grade materials.(i.e. Aromatic Polyamide Thin Film Composite Element).Brand: Vontron (Original membrane),Pack of-1,Colour-Blue. ● Used in all Types of Domestic RO Systems i.e. Counter Top,Hanging Model and even for under sink RO System.

Float Valve Switch for RO Water purifiers

Float Valve Switch for RO Water purifiers

For Dolphin Tap With Washers 1 Pcs Ro Jar Or Water Dispenser Polythene Tap Compatible For Most Of Water Filter,Water Jar,All Kinds Of Water Filters

● Food Grade High Quality Polythene Tap for all kinds of RO Jar,water filter and Water Jars,Water Equipment RO Tap for water filter Purifiers. ● Suited for common RO water filter Purifiers available in India,Compatible with many RO Brands and Models-Can be used in multiple water purifier Models-Counter Top,Desk Top,Stand Mounted,Wall Hanging,Under Sink,most of the RO Model cabinets. ● A better RO Spare to keep in Handy when you are moving to new home or when there is a leakage or breakage of the Old Tap from RO Tank. ● Qty-1 Pcs High Quality Food Grade Polythene Tap for all kinds of RO Jars,water filter and Water Jars,Water Equipment RO Tap for water filter.

For Kent Replacement Solenoid Valves For Domestic Ro System

● High Quality Solenoid valve. ● Easily replaceable by anybody with or without experience. ● Compatible with all and any model of all domestic water purifiers

For Kent RO Pipe Inlet Valve and SS Coupling 3/8 Size (DVSet) – 1 Pcs

● Brass Steel Inlet Set Water Filter Valve Set 3/8" Size Pipe ● 100% Superior Quality Stainless Steel Input Inlet Valve Connector for All Kind of RO available in Market .Perfect for All Type of Water Purifier ● Sales Package Includes : 1 - SS Inlet Valve size 3/8" with SS Cupline .NOTE THIS IS FOR 3/8 INCH RO PIPE ● Suitable for 3/8" tubing Sales Pack includes 1 Inlet valve set. ● Easy To Install and Replace and can be Installed by yourself , no need for Expensive Expert Technician or Ro Enginner

HERO Solenoid Valve 24V SV

HERO Solenoid Valve 24V SV for RO Water Filters
  • RO Water Purifier Accessories
  • Water Purifier Accessories
  • Easily Fitted in all models, No breaking,no leaking during moving and installing
  • 24 V DC, 0-120 PSI, 2.5 MM Orifice
  • Include Package : 1 Pc HR2 24 V DC 0-120 PSI, 2.5 MM Orifice Solenoid Valve

Magna Tap For RO Aquaguard All Magna Ro / Uv Models – 1 Pcs. New

● Package Contains - 1pcs ● Leak Proof Valve ● Non Toxic and Odorless ● Made of good quality Food grade plastic ● Suitable for all RO/UV Dr. Magna Models

Manual TDS Controller for 1/4″ – New

● TDS Controller/adjuster for 1/4" tube ● Material: Plastic, White Color ● Suitable for all kinds of Domestic Water Purifiers ● TDS Controller/ Adjuster