Students aren’t in school. Why is that?

New Normal?

Ever since the COVID 19 pandemic came into our lives at the start of 2020, our lives have changed drastically. The new normal is something none of us ever imagined conforming to. However, we have changed according to it. The working class is experiencing working at home instead of sitting in cubicles all day. Housewives have been seeing a full house instead of having a house void of husbands and children. Students are learning how to attend school without going to school. Life has been brought into and confined to the comforts of our homes.

But, (you saw this coming) we’re going back to the lives before the pandemic. It’s a slow process, sure, but it’s happening nevertheless. Employers are calling their employees back to work. Businesses are back in business. housewives have almost the entirety of the house back to themselves; keyword – ALMOST. Because students below the ninth standard are still at home. They are not back in schools just yet. It’s tough. Is it not?

Students without schools?

students interacting with other students
Students interacting with other students

These students have spent their crucial years at home obtaining subpar education due to the COVID 19 pandemic. These students don’t compare to the students who have studied in physical classes. since they don’t get the same kind of attention from the teachers these students have a slower understanding of concepts and since the parents usually help them at home, they are slower at providing answers. Their analytical and thinking abilities have worsened compared to the students who attended physical classes in the same grade. They are being spoon-fed by their parents and are now incapable of doing the work on their own. They have missed out on social interaction with peers their age. Instead of learning how to form friendships and interact with people, children have been caged inside the walls of their homes.

We should give them better education and opportunities. That will ensure that they develop analytical and thinking abilities. these students should have physical classes with the teachers. Just like we used to. The western countries have started the process, why haven’t we? The teachers are adults. They have to be fully vaccinated. The students can compulsorily wear masks and maintain social distancing with no less than the two-meter gap between two students.

Tough times for the students

students forming friendships
It is important for children to learn how to form bonds and learn social interaction

It will be harder than it was before the pandemic but we must endure. We must endure for the future of the country and our children. Because this competitive world will chew them and throw them out if they are lacking in the slightest. The better individuals are going to take their place as the superiors to those who couldn’t keep up and get accustomed to the new normal as fast enough. We surely don’t want to see the future of the world in a decline now. Do we? It is our social and moral responsibility to provide the young ones the best we can.

And as the generation which has the responsibility to ensure the future generation is better than us, we have to place their education as the first and foremost priority. Because in the end, education is the best way to give them the bigger and the best.

One thought on “Students aren’t in school. Why is that?

  1. U says:

    Well said. But as u said the process is slow , similarly physical classes for children below 9 th grade will start soon , as we see the current situation the vaccination trials are still being held for children below 18 , it would take time to start that process too and moreover parents are more concerned about their children’s health rather than their education. Even though with precautions many of them fear to send their children to school and if I add up to this many parents are actually still scared from the vaccine , they are scared of the side effects or something like that. So u see, education is important no doubt and specially for them as at that age children learn to groom themselves , but in India (expect some developed countries) it’ll take time.

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