Sher o Shayari, Yaad Shayari

Who comes to celebrate with you?

Did You Smile Today
Did You Smile Today

tumhe manaane kaun aata hai,

haq jataane kaun aata hai,
ab gale lagaane kaun aata hai

dard dene ko aate hain sab
dard bataane kaun aata hai,

zakhm kuredane aate hain sab
yaaden bhulaane kaun aata hai,

dil jalaane aate hain sab,
lagee ko bujhaane kaun aata hai,

aate hain sab rulaane ko
ab hansaane kaun aata hai,

chhod jaane ko aate hain sab
ab nibhaane kaun aata hai,

aazamaane ko to aate hain sab
yaqeen dilaane kaun aata hai,

aamada hai bigaadane par sab
bigadee ko banaane kaun aata hai,

rooth gae to roothe raho
tumhe manaane kaun aata hai,

Who comes to celebrate with you?

Who comes to claim
now who comes to hug

everyone comes to hurt
Who comes to share the pain,

Everyone comes to scratch the wounds
Who comes to forget the memories,

Everyone comes to burn hearts,
Who comes to extinguish the flame?

everyone comes to cry
Now who comes to laugh

everyone comes to leave
Who comes to play now?

Everyone comes to try
Who comes to believe

everyone is intent on spoiling
Who comes to make the spoiled,

If you get angry, stay angry
Who comes to celebrate with you?

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