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10 Best Tips to Get Significant Blog Organic Traffic

10 Best tips to get significant blog traffic

Low blog traffic is another frustration that most bloggers face. But you no longer have to worry about low traffic on your blog. In this article, we will share the 10 most effective and significant ways from which you can increase the traffic on your blog. Firstly, make attractive headlines and second is choose the best categories to write about. But before starting the tips to get significant blog traffic. We need to understand that there are two types of blog traffic.

  1. Organic traffic
  2. Paid traffic

Organic traffic

Organic traffic has the best source that is search traffic. To simply, when you put a question on the search engine or some keyword to find out. Those blogs or articles come after your search that is organic traffic. Moreover, when you click on a particular post and find some highlighted words, you click on it to visit that particular website. Hence, it is known as referral traffic. However, direct traffic is way more direct as its name suggests. It directly searches in your URL and clicks on the link or email they have.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is those who only visit your site to gain knowledge about the product they have to buy. In short, affiliate marketing promotions and so on.

10 effective tips to increase your blog traffic

Content Should be Relevant Along with Good Quality

For making your article best you should have content that is more relevant to organic traffic. For example, blogs on food, fashion, technology, health and fitness, and DIY. So that more people can reach your article. When it comes to the quality of the product? Your content should be simple, impressive, and targeted to the whole population.

Choose Pillar Article Rather than Bunch Article

A content updater should focus on pillar articles. A pillar article is an article that covers the whole topic. And the rating of pillar articles is always high. However, bunch articles are those which are posted in the bunch. For example, you will post the article in parts rather than posting one complete article.

Refreshing Your Content

If you had posted one article and then you did not post the next article till one month. Then, your website won’t take Ranking or traffic as you are expecting. Therefore, keep refreshing your content along with posting pillar articles. The valid reason for posting fresh articles is that Google loves new and fresh articles. For refreshing old content, you can do many things. For example:-

  • Keep updating more articles
  • Improve the quality of the content
  • Make it impressive by adding pictures and quotes
  • Keep updating the informative article
  • Do add LSI keyword. LSI keywords are used for making our content more relatable.

Backlinks are Important

Backlinks make your content valuable, trustable, and authoritative. In your article, backlinks will point out the website where you write the information in the present article. Backlinks are quite tough but if you want to rank your blog on number one then you should make efforts for it.

Targeting Keyword

Keywords are the sole of an article. Because it will show your content on the first number when traffic searches on it. Only with the help of keywords

Perfect Headlines

When it comes to headlines. It should be unique, creative, and the best among all. For making your article the best, write the highest-converting headlines. Moreover, your headlines should be concise and relatable to the audience. Additionally, it should contain simple words. A headline offers the people mesmerizing effect and keenness to read. Moreover, try to add popular keywords to your headlines.

Make a Posting Schedule

Yes! Like everything, posts need discipline and a schedule too. No need to post daily or five days a week. Just post your article on definite days. For example, make a habit or budget to post two articles in a week. For example, adapt Monday or Saturday. Be consistent in your work and article. So that you can make customer contact. Moreover, you will have a healthy website. To conclude, it will increase the traffic on the blog.

SEO Practice

Write content according to SEO tools. SEO best practices will enhance the quality of your products like when they roll the content of yours. It was impressive. Like, write your article according to the set parameters of Yoast SEO tools. Check before you post your article. For example, paragraph-length should be ideal, it should be created in every sentence. Importantly, the Flesch reading will be greater than 50 percent.

Content Discussion

Alone writing articles and posting them on the website won’t help to get it Ranking. If you are a starter then you should make your content discussed among the people. That is to say, you have to promote your article on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media sites. Therefore, your article will get significant traffic on your post with simple efforts. Consequently, people will read, comment and share. As a result, the more you share, the more people will read your article.

Activeness in Communities

For making your content popular, and significant traffic on the blog. You should keep updating yourself with analysis, percentage, news, and events. With this, you can add new points in your general article. So, your topics should be related to relevant things happening in this world or a particular region. For example, you can write about the lockdown, pandemics, work from home, DIY, and health & fitness. Because these are the trending topics of the time.

Bottom line

It doesn’t matter that you have a large or small startup. Or, you are a sole proprietor. You will significantly increase the traffic of your blog. Moreover, many tricks and tips that are above mentioned are free of cost. So, try these out. Thus, follow the above-written advice and make your content ranking number 1 among thousands of posts. To conclude, keep your content right, bright and relevant for all.

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