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Best shared hosting providers

Best shared hosting providers

Best shared hosting providers
Best shared hosting providers

Do you ever think of running an online business but stop by the fact of expenses? Well, here you might get a little help with this problem. What if we tell you that you can have some people who will pay for your website? Let’s make it more clear. Shared hosting is running your website on a platform where multiple people are doing the same thing. However, this type of hosting has its consequences and advantages. But you can surely get a brief overview of share hosting and who is a share hosting provider. How does? Moreover, we will list some possible drawbacks of this idea and will try to give you the best information in this one place. So if you are looking to open an online business do not skip this thread.

What is shared hosting?

Share hosting is an amazing idea for beginners who don’t want to take a lot of risks. To clarify, it is a platform where a lot of people are using a single server to run their business, websites, etc. This is a popular choice for small business owners. In this kind of sharing each customer will have a certain amount of access and availability of the server resources. To this certain limit, they can’t exceed. Or if they want then they have to pay accordingly.

However, share hosting is a cheap and reasonable way to do an online startup but it has its consequences. For example, if there are so many resources used by some customers then the website may run out of resources, and also it may crash. This can be the worst nightmare for any website holder. Because once it is crashed you can not retrieve your data. So it is always important to only invest with trustworthy share hosting providers. Below is a list of things that you should keep in mind before deciding on sharing a website.

What to look for in a share hosting provider site

What to look for in a share hosting provider site
What to look for in a share hosting provider site

Here is a short and point-to-point guide that even a 5-year-old can understand before investing in share hosting. So before you go to invest in a share hosting provider site look for the following things.

Capacity to store: know how much you will get the part on that website. The. Calculate the disk storage capacity. If it satisfies your type of data storage then go for it.

Bandwidth: this will allow the visitors to download or upload something from your website. Do make sure to ask the provider how much space will they provide. Because above it, the charges may also increase.

Uptime: this is the time for which your website will be visible and available to your viewers. Ask your provider for 99.9 ℅+ availability. Only that’s how you will be able to gather more traffic.

Security: even if you have to invest a little more money, do not compromise your security. Make sure your data is safe and is not being leaked anywhere. Do read the terms and conditions properly.

easy to use: a visitor only enjoys exploring the website if it is easy to use. So make sure that the dashboard, search engine, etc are easy to use.

Go with the new technology: always go with the new technology that uses the new database and programming language. If the website is upgrading itself then also you can go with them.

Best share hosting providers

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting

The best share hosting providers so far are as follows. They are trustworthy and are engaging with their customers. Their feedbacks are also good. So if you want to have some suggestions then read below.


The most popular and cheap shared hosting provider. They allow you to run a website on an annual payment of $2.57. They also provide a domain name certification. They give a very good value of storage that is 50 GB.


Siteground charges a $4.99/mo value that you need to pay annually. They give daily backup, 10k visitors allowed, and 10 GB. If you want you can upgrade your plans and get access to many other more features such as cash, backup, more storage, etc.


The plan of this website starts from $2.59/mo. You will have 50 GB of storage. Free Domain is also provided. You will have unlimited traffic on your site. Besides, you will have access to the domain privacy, updates, and backups. With upgraded plans, you can have much more.

Advantages and disadvantages of share hosting

Pros of share hosting

If you are looking to start up your online business or website on a small budget then it is good for you.
If you want to learn about the digital market and its algorithm then this is for you.
You can easily make your skills more polished by working on this kind of shared website and grow further in your career.

Cons of shared hosting

Many websites are working altogether in this process of share hosting. So you don’t have individual access.
Hence your security can be at risk.
You don’t know the whole truth about where and how your data is saved.
Too much traffic can even cause the website to run too slow or even lag.
Too much data, traffic, and other things can cause the website to crash and all your data can get erased.

Final thought

However, share hosting is a good start for beginners to learn new things and do experiments yet it involves risk. But if you are someone who is looking for making a website regarding a blog post or posting some daily articles then it can be a good option. For those who are looking to invest in them for business purpose like the wholesale business of buy-sell type website then it can create a lag for them and as well as for other. If you are looking up to make a website for your whole company then it is a good option, then you can go with it in case of business because you will have a limit of variety which you will post. Moreover, always be ready to take risks because that allows you to learn new things.

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