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WordPress hosting provider

WordPress hosting provider

Web hosting is an online space provider on the internet. But there are many types of web hosting along with multiple hosting providers. From which WordPress hosting providers are considered best. Web hosting is of six types such as shared hosting, managed hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated server hosting, colocation hosting, and cloud hosting. Furthermore, you need different hostings for using different types of hosting. For example, the excess is best for dedicated server hosting and WordPress hosting. Similarly, WordPress hosting providers are an ideal choice for the WordPress engine. Don’t be confused after reading. To simplify, we will discuss each web hosting provider separately. Hence, WordPress hosting will be briefly discussed. Consequently, the WP engine will offer you good speed with technical knowledge. Thus, it is worth using.

What is a WordPress hosting provider?

WP engine provides original managed WordPress hosting provider. As above, a web hosting provider is a storage provider which helps you store your data in a safe space. In addition, gives you security and operating system power. Moreover, WordPress hosting provider will offer you concierge service with great speed. Also, The company will give you exclusive tools for enhancing your website to the next level. Furthermore, on you can self host your WordPress site. However, on you can exist your website. In simple words, it will be like you want to be the owner of your own house or you want to pay the rent of an apartment in packages. Importantly, when you will be the owner of your own home the control and security will be at your command. Above all, it is affordable and beneficial.

Best WordPress hosting provider available

As there are many WordPress hosting providers but listed below are the best among them. Pros and cons will be written too for your suitability.

Bluehost hosting provider

Bluehost is the oldest hosting provider. That is why it has great goodwill and the trust of its customers. It started in 1996. The best feature of Bluehost is you don’t have to worry about speed. It will give you fast speed even while charging traffic on the website. Also, provide you 24/7 customer service 63% discount for WP beginners. Here present the pros and cons of the Bluehost hosting provider.


  • It gives you 63% off and a free domain with a free SSL certificate.
  • WordPress officially recommends a Bluehost hosting provider
  • Free staging site + Free CDN
  • It included WordPress plugins and themes free of cost.


  • Bluehost is suitable for small businesses. On a large scale, the speed can be slow.

SiteGround hosting provider

SiteGround is the highest-rated hosting provider in WordPress. This delivers you good service of speed and security. Additionally, 24/7 hour customer service for fixing your doubts and queries. Above all, it delivered automatic updating, free CDN, free SSL, daily backup of your activity, and GIT version control. You will also get a 63% discount if you are a beginner at WP reader. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the SiteGround hosting provider.


  • The main benefit is a good support to WordPress
  • Offers you automatic updates + great speed+ free SSL
  • Multiple data centers. For example, Asia, the United States of America, Australia, and Europe
  • Free CDN along with free WordPress theme


  • In comparison with another hosting provider, its price is high
  • It will not provide you with a free domain

Hostinger hosting provider

In the WordPress company hosting is well-known. Because they support you with 24/7 live chat, affordable packages, and a Well platform to host your site. This will fill your package with free CDN, powerful security, managed automatic updates, free site migration. Hostinger hosting provider runs his service in 178 countries with 29 million users. Although, 80% discount for Beginner WP readers. Above all, free SSL with the free domain name.


  • It has a good review along with good speed.
  • SSL, domains, and email are free in hosting
  • Importantly, 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Hostinger hosting provider is the cheapest hosting provider. Which starts its package with $0.99/ month.


  • Hostinger’s renewal fee is higher.

DreamHost hosting provider

Sometimes technical work is difficult but DreamHost hosting provider makes it easy. The company has been running for 18 years. The best thing is you will be blessed with a custom dashboard by clicking on the WordPress installation. So, your site will receive automatic updates, great storage capacity, unlimited bandwidth, and SSD. SSD makes your site run faster. Further, it will offer 72% off for beginners of WordPress readers. Plus, free domain + free SSL certificate + security.


  • One-click installation
  • Free free free!! Domain, SSL, good and privacy protection.
  • WordPress recommend it’s officially
  • It included a free web application firewall.


  • The hosting control panel is outdated.

List of the cost of hosting provider

For your ease, we have provided you with a list of the cost of the hosting provider. So that you don’t have to waste your time searching multiple websites for different things.

Bluehost = $ 2.75/ month
Hostinger = $ 2.19/ month
DreamHost = $2.59/ month
SiteGround = $ 4.99/ month

Hostinger provides you with good facilities at a reasonable price. No hosting provider can beat the hosting cheapest cost package for a month. Moreover, you can choose any package of WordPress hosting provider as per your needs. For instance, if you want to use it for large traffic then go with hosting. But if you want to use it for small businesses then choose a Bluehost hosting provider.

Choose your WordPress hosting provider wisely with the help of the above-written information. On the other hand, you can look for a free domain, free SSL certificate, free CDN, privacy protection, and control over the website. Also, the speed of the site, is the site can run well even with large traffic, automatic updates, backup of daily activities, and so on. Is the hosting provider giving you these facilities or not? With this question, you will be able to choose wisely and play smart in the world of technology.

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