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A web hosting service provider is a business that will provide you hosting for an individual or an organization. Nowadays, nothing runs smoother on the internet without hosting. In simple words, hosting is storage that you need for your online data on a website. This will provide you with online space. In the fast-track lives, many hostings are available. For example, free web hosting, dedicated server, and shared hosting. Furthermore, many companies provide you with web hosting as you need for your data. For example- hosting, Bluehost, Dreamhost, green geeks, and HostGator. But each web hosting provider acts differently. Such as storage space, server speed, technical knowledge, reliability, and so on. That’s why you experience problems while choosing it.

Moreover, finding a free and paid web hosting service is a difficult task among so many hosting providers. Also, people want to change their web hosting service because of a lack of service. But this article will help you find the best hosting provider. Additionally, understanding why they are considered the best. First of all, you need to know how many types of web hosting are available in online business.

Types of web hosting

There are mainly 6 types of web hosting. Which are written below:-

Shared hosting

As the name defined itself. Yes! Shared hosting means your data will be stored as multiple websites but the server will remain the same. If you shared a hosting plan, then your domain will share the same server with other domains. For example, random access memory ( RAM) and Central processing unit( CPU). Above all, plans of shared hosting are lower in price than other hosting plans. Thus, shared hosting is a smart choice for low-traffic websites.

Dedicated server hosting

Again, the name defined all. This hosting plan will dedicate control over the server. Furthermore, the owner of the dedicated server hosting has most of the control over the storage. Above all, the owner will have control from ground to top on the access. Additionally, security and operating systems will be controlled by him too. Moreover, dedicated server hosting is an expensive option. It will be suitable for a large website.

Virtual private server hosting ( VPS)

VPS hosting is the middle surface between the two. The first is shared hosting and the other is dedicated server hosting. It is best for those who don’t want a dedicated server. So, it will only let you have control over it. On the other hand, the website owner will have more customization and storage capacity. Therefore, VPS hosting is good for those who want specific software. In conclusion, VPS hosting is best for outgrown shared hosting.

Cloud hosting

The current buzzword of the technology company is cloud hosting. This means many computers will work together and run applications. But the computing resources of the working computer will be the same. According to cloud hosting, customers can use as many resources as they can. The best thing is that they don’t have to build their computing infrastructure. That is why cloud hosting is an ideal option for a website that increases rapidly.


In colocation, you will colocate your device with the colocation center. In this, you will not keep your server in the the the the the the the the home or at the private data center. The owner will colocate his device with the colocation center. And the colocation center will provide you with what your server requires. For instance, IP address with cooling system, power, and bandwidth. Hence, colocation is the most expensive hosting. But it will give you maximum command over hardware and software.

Managed hosting

You will find some hosting package that needs to be managed. Your hosting companies give your technical services with managed hosting. For example, software setup, hardware setup, hardware replacement, patching, updating, good technical support, configuration, and maintenance. In managed hosting, the Web hosting provider will look after standardized applications and operating systems. Managed hosting is good for non-technical users.

Best web hosting provider

Here is the list of the best web hosting providers and their plans. Focus on speed, service, reliability, customer service, traffic on the website, price managed hosting, and storage capacity for choosing a web hosting provider.


Bluehost is best for the customer who is a beginner. Also, free domain and SSL certification. Moreover, it gives you a one-month money-back guarantee.


DreamHost is affordable for the customer. Additionally, month-to-month plans are good for customers that only use them for a limited time.


Hostinger is famous for its services at affordable prices. Hosting provider provides good speed, technical knowledge, and reliability in hosting.


An individual with a small online business purpose should take the plan if HostGator. Because it gives you the best plans for individual or small business.

In motion

In motion is ideal for Virtual private server hosting (VPS). Further, in motion hosting gives you the best service. Also, technical support. With technical support, web hosting offers a guide to help you in case of trouble.


Yes! Web hosting can be eco-friendly. Thus, GreenGreeks is eco-friendly web hosting. Along with eco-friendly service, it will provide good speed, technical knowledge, and storage capacity. And the great solution for Woocommerce hosting and WordPress hosting.


SiteGround delivers fast speed and the best security. Plus, free EMAIL, SSL, CDN. Although, provide 30 percent fast site speed. Moreover, saves you from doing calculations because it counts page loading time.


A2 hosting provides fast speed at a low cost. Also, AMD EPYC CPU with 40% faster performance. Although, it manages 9x more traffic. Hence, A2 hosting is a reliable web hosting that will not let you down.


Nexcess hosting offers a solution from Liquid Web. Therefore, it delivered the best for dedicated web hosting, WordPress hosting, and virtual private server hosting. Nexcess managed 9 CMS web hosting. Importantly, 24/7 customer service. That is why excess is the best web hosting provider. Above all, this web hosting provider will provide e-commerce hosting:-

  • Eurocom
  • Sylius
  • Magento
  • DruPal
  • Woocommerce
  • WordPress
  • Bigcommerce and many more.

WP engine

The WordPress engine is suitable for WordPress hosting. WP engine hosting will provide you with good speed and managed site. Lots of maintenance will be automatically done by it.

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