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TDS Checker

Tds Meter For Water

Tds Meter For Water

Water TDS Meter / TDS Checker

Health is a big concern around people nowadays, but the majority of the people only focus on their food where they neglect water quality. Therefore, Water TDS Meter is the best choice for those who want to drink pure and safe water. For every human water is essential without it, we can’t live. Whereas, this is also a fact that many people die because of dirty and unsettled water. People should know what exactly they are using and what kind of water they are using. As we know lack of knowledge and information could spoil everything. So, this is the best choice for you to have in your hands.

What is a Water TDS meter / TDS Checker?

The water TDS meter is the required tool for every house and the commercial person who is working for RO or other water-related work. Many users say it is great for their body because with it they can measure water’s TDS. Similarly, it has an accurate and instant measuring feature. Moreover, you will get an LED display that shows the perfect measurement. No need to lift heavy machines, however, this can be fit in your pocket with lightweight. Perfectly comfortable during your travel.Furthermore, there is also a water temperature checker feature that helps to measure water temperature. Also, this TDS tester is a long-life capacity due to the high battery life including Auto turn off the system.

Why measure TDS?

TDS means Total Dissolved solids, after waterfalls from the sky to the ground as rain, it dissolves the minerals present in the rocks and soil while it passes over or through. It is a natural process and aids makes water taste right by slightly increasing the PH level of the water. Mainly water contains calcium, magnesium, and sodium, types of minerals. As the TDS level goes below 100mg/L this level (as the minerals are removed) the PH degree of water becomes poorer and then it will be more acidic or corrosive.

Therefore, knowing your TDS level is important for you when considering a salt-free water conditioner for houses. Keep in mind your water filter is not a water conditioner whereas, the ultimate goal of a water filter is not to eliminate all solids in the water.

Tds Meter

Tds Meter

Features of TDS Checker

  • Digital LCD and clear Display
  • Small and portable design
  • Long term battery life with Auto-off feature
  • Accuracy and instant results
  • Simple and Easy to use

Why choose this Water TDS Meter?

Primarily, this water TDS Tester will give you the perfect measurement of your water quality. It is important to know what we are drinking before consuming having it. The Pocket TDS meter will tell you all the required information for e.g TDS and Temperature. You can use it for swimming pools, river water, RO filters, or any kind of water resource. There are three buttons and a standard display, similarly, you just need to start and put it into the water, and within 10sec it will show accurate results. Above all, you don’t need to read or learn a long user manual to understand this pen. We provide a free black strange cover to protect this TDS Tester.

Benefits of Pocket TDS Meters TDS Checker

  • Easy to Use
  • Useful for Commercial or household
  • Small, Compact model for Convenient Storage and Portability
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Screen
  • Auto Shut-off to Preserve Battery Life
  • Travel friendly and strong enough to bare some pressure

NOTE:- Only for water/ Do not put it into your mouth/ Always put it back into its cover after use/ Do not leave whole TDS meter into the water/ Does not work for other liquid

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