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During the corona pandemic, lots of people lost their jobs and the source of their employment. Therefore, many lost their hopes and many are trying to get jobs. Currently, people are searching for an Online job and Work from home. But there are tons of fake articles and blogs that are mentioned fake websites just get traffic on their website. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about some genuine, trusted, and trending websites that will give you some kind of financial support. All the mentioned websites are genuine work providers and a few of them are used by us. For more, read the given information.

Work From Home Fiverr is a very popular and genuine website for those who have great skills in any field. All you have to just simply join Fiverr and make a professional account and complete your profile up to 70%. And create gigs according to your skills where you can make max. 7 gigs in one profile and just wait for the buyer. The work is 100% remotely and you will get orders in few days.


  1. Be online as much as you can.
  2. Try to target keywords in your bio description and gig description.
  3. Share your gigs on social media platforms.

Website For Online Work FREELANCER is Great for freelancers who want to work on their own. Here, you will get job requests from buyers and you have to choose the work of your choice. At first, you will get 6 bids for 1 week and if you purchase a premium version then you will get 100 bids and more facilities. Additionally, Complete your profile and add all the skills you have, now you are ready for biding.


  1. Don’t waste your bids on jobs that you don’t know
  2. Make a professional Account with genuine and great description

TRUELANCER Online Work From Home is the same as Fiverr but here you don’t need to make gigs. Whereas, you have to create a professional profile and add your profile pictures. Then choose your interest and skills thus you will start showing projects of buyers and send a proposal to them. Make sure before sending a proposal you will make a perfect and interesting description of your work and skills. Whereas, many users say they got lots of work from this website.


  1. Try to send your proposals to the buyer before any seller
  2. Avoid those post who has lots of proposals from another seller because then you will be shown below everyone.
  3. If you buy premium facilities then there is a high chance of getting orders.

GURU freelancing website is also a freelancing website that provides many jobs as per your skills. Here, you can also negotiate with buyers by biding on their project. Freelancers can search for jobs and get hired by buyers. There are lots of sellers and buyers from all over the world. Whereas, you can make a portfolio of your work which is a great feature that is a unique opportunity for every service provider.

  1. Do not add fake skills
  2. Make a great profile and description, also try to create a professional portfolio
  3. Share your portfolio and profile links on social media

WORKZLY Work From Home Platform gives you tons of job opportunities on its platform. There are true works without any hassle. It is a great area for freelancers looking for jobs and hiring. Moreover, If you have experience in a specific field then this website is only for you.
Tips :-

  1. Use templates whenever you can.
  2. Focus on high reward Tasks

INDEED Online Job Website contains millions of jobs online to find the best step in your career. Here, you will get various tools For e.g resume, job search, company review, and more. This is the right place for those who are searching for jobs. Indeed is one of the largest and most visited job websites in the world. Also, trusted by many businesses and job seekers.
Tips : –

  1. Create a great and proficient resume.
  2. Complete your profile and Description/About.
  3. Always apply for those jobs which are suitable for your skill and experience

UPWORK Freelancer Job Work connects companies/Businesses with freelancers or job seekers. First, complete your freelancer profile including skills, Description, portfolio, and certifications. Also, you can make a resume that enhances your chances of getting the job hiring. There are two payment ways: fixed-price or hourly. The commission of Upwork is the same for all 20% deductions on payment as a fee.
Tips :-

  1. Be Active
  2. Improve your proposal
  3. Provide the Best work

FLEX JOBS Work from Anywhere is also based on remote works. With this, you can do your work from anywhere from mobile, laptop, and PC. The most trusted, innovative, and leading site for finding online work from home. You can find jobs, work from home, part-time jobs, and flexible schedules.
Tips :- 

  1. Make sure you have any of the gadgets given above.
  2. Apply for a job with a great pitch

JOBSPRESSO Work from Phone is a cool website for every job seeker. Here, you will only find remote jobs and you can do many jobs from your phone. The easiest website to use and high-quality remote jobs are available on the site. it is similar to Fiverr and Upwork.
Tips : –

  1. Figure out a schedule that works for you and strictly follow it.
  2. Try to impress your clients with great sample work (if they ask).

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